Jozabad (jozabad) wrote in boyswithglasses,

x-posted because I'm a mofo

I got some new glasses like... a month ago, and then I took some pictures.
Image hosted by
I intended to show off the anti-glare coating by directly facing the camera, but I came off looking smug instead.

Image hosted by
I heard that looking over the tops of your glasses is sexy!

Image hosted by
This is a fairly normal one, so I turned it into an icon.

Image hosted by
These glasses have magnetic clip-ons. I look so cool with my watering can.

Image hosted by
Everything in this picture is tilted except for my head!
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I remember you. I love the new pics and new glasses. You still look cute as hell.
I remember you too, and thanks.
Where are the other pics u posted? I cant find them.
Right where they've always been. In fact, I took a look and nobody posted anything in between my latest two posts.
Yea i figured it out right after I sent that comment...LOL. I wasn't logged in and that's y it wouldn't let me pull them up.I know...I'm a dork.